Life in the Fast Lane is Exhausting

Is it just me or do you sometimes feel like you are being overwhelmed by the daily grind?  Increasingly it seems as if we are taking on more and more tasks, whether family or work related, which leaves us very little or no free time at all.  What’s more, as a society we are becoming reactive rather than proactive.  We are constantly attached to our mobile phones, tablets, you name it.  It is now virtually impossible to go on public transport and see someone without some sort of device attached to them.  The fundamental problem therein is that we are no longer taking time out to process our own thoughts and reflect.  Instead we are constantly worried about replying to Facebook messages, texts, tweets, alerts etc.  As a society we live on our nerves.  I say it’s time to switch off , you don’t need to be permanently in front of a screen, or use a VPN for computer because your entire life is online!  So here are my tips for great ways to unwind and have some me-time:

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·         Do something you enjoy – whether that be reading a good book, taking your dogs for a walk, or my personal favourite, cosying up after a long day’s work and watching a film at home (popcorn and ice-cream optional!)

·         Get a good night’s sleep – have a strict no laptop in bed policy.  Allow yourself time to fully relax. 

·         If you still can’t switch off.  Write down a list of things that are worrying you, then go through them one by one, sorting out the ones you can change, from the ones you can’t.  If you can’t change something then why worry about it?  It’s pointless, and it’s also a waste of your time and energy.

Woman relaxing at home