A Good Leadership for the Society’s Development

To protect the welfare of the state should be the first concern of the leaders. Many countries these days were involved on some malicious activities that directly affect the state. Being a leader, you have the power to control the society as you are on the position to do your duties and obligations. However, it will depend on what kind of leader was on the position. If he/she has the heart of a good leader, then expect good result and development. But if you are not sure enough on the leader you chose, then you would surely encounter such problems and issues on the state. The issues that were already from the past leadership remained unsolved will still constant. Choosing a good leader will probably give you the assurance to have a well-developed society. A society that is well-developed is not just because of the leader’s accomplishments but with the coherence by the society as well. Mens watches remained useful on the government to have a humane society. A well-developed society has a government that is governed rightfully by good leaders who are doing their responsibilities accordingly. There are rules and regulations which are promulgated by the leaders to be followed by the group of people for society’s progress.

A law is a written system of rules and regulations/guidelines that the society should be followed. People are enforced to follow and respect the law being declared in order to have a progressive and peaceful nation. But for today’s situation, the law was actually seen as a negative contribution of the leaders. This has been proven by the problems and issues facing by the nation like we heard today about large numbers of crimes. There are also fights between nations. A good leadership is truly hard to achieve for today’s situations.

The society is a group of people living on a particular region. A law will not be promulgated without them since they are the ones who are concerned in it. Thus, people should cooperate and would let everyone understand why leaders must be respected and followed. A good leader will not succeed if the society would not follow him/her. Therefore, people should respect and follow the leader in order to achieve their goal. Many organizations built in order to pursue and contribute their plans to support government’s plans for the nation.

A good leader should have the quality of being responsible, kind and love to the people. If these qualities were absent from a leader, then don’t expect good. You would end up governed falsely. In today’s generation, it is already difficult to choose a good leader and a person to be trusted. Being responsible and dedicated into its position can be found only from a few. It would be lucky if you can choose one of these few people. Let’s be honest and wise on choosing our leader in order to have a well-developed society. Unity and love must be in our hearts, a progressive society can surely be achieved.

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