Seeing The World

It is all good and well having intentions to learn more about the affect that we have on the environment around us but getting out and travelling about to see the global impact is probably more important to gaining a well rounded knowledge of the situation. Being able to speak to experts from different areas and seeing the impact there can make the difference and allow you to pass on this knowledge to others from having first hand experience.

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It is a very serious topic but the way I see it is that we are only here for a short time so by getting around and seeing these things it does not have to mean that we must be serious and frowning all the time so integrating an opportunity to do these kind of studies while also maximising the opportunity to get out and see the world will do you a lot of good. Constantly looking at the negative you can lose sight of what is important so having fun should also be a part of things and there should be no sense of guilt involved.

Using sites like this to find out what there is on offer in various countries that you might visit will allow you to create a schedule that makes the most of your time and will ensure that you do not become too immersed in your work that you start to make mistakes as is often the case when someone becomes too driven behind one particular case.

Hopefully this different approach to tackling global issues will see more people open to investigating the subject and it won’t be seen as such a sacrifice if you can actually get some benefit from it too.

James Carroll

Author: The BBC iPlayer Proxy