Wine in the Great Debate

Wine, in many ways belongs to be part of the great debate don’t you think?  Unlike so many other resources we talk about, it already is finite.  It uses a ton of water, either through watering or through the water table and it uses a ton of great arable land.  After all, even the owner of the best wine clubs around can tell you, wine isn’t made in sufficient enough quantities to satisfy everyone’s thirst for it-at least not at quality levels that we want.

For the wine industry, we have a great debate of our own.  Should prices for good wine continue to climb? The problem here is that, how do you gain new drinkers if no one under the age of 50 can afford good wine?  Should we behave in a less sustainable model than we do currently?

Long term, what are the implications for the industry if human kind needs the land to be able to grow food to feed ourselves?  Can the wine industry survive?