Societal Stresses

Let’s face it, life is becoming extremely fast-paced, we often find ourselves doing more than one thing at a time, and we can’t relax as we feel as though we are not being productive if we do. There is always something to worry about like the economy, politics, and equality for all. Every day there seems to be a new argument.

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In the western world, we are more stressed than our less privileged counterparts and is it any wonder, worries such as “Do I have enough friends on Facebook?” and “What if I buy this product and then is goes out of fashion?” are always on our minds. We are all too eager to better ourselves for the benefit of those around us than for ourselves.

We are also worried about offending people, those around us; people we have never met but could stumble upon our social networking profiles and take offence to things we may have posted. It doesn’t matter if we had the intention of causing harm or not as most of us simply post as a joke.

Despite this, there are good things to come out this, such as equal rights, fair representation for those with different abilities, and the involvement of all across our community. But let’s all learn how to relax!

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