Specialization in Schools

a classic college campusDo We Really Want More Specialists?

It’s been an interesting debate here to be sure, here is what I see happening with CIPEC.

In academics, we are rewarding those of us who are great specialists.  That’s in direct competition with most industries and really life in general where people tend to greatly specialize.  Can your accountant run an 8 minute mile? Can your chiropractor tell you the general time period of the Ming Dynasty?

It’s interesting that as academics on the high school level has always preferred students who are good at everything and not necessarily special at any one thing, college has always offered a way for someone with a narrow focus to find themselves.  I personally, would hate for that to change over the coming years.

I think as we’re continually stressed to our breaking point as a society, we need to focus even more on having people willing to spend their life fixing these complex issues.

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