How Society Changes

One of the major issues facing us in regard to climate change is how we must change society, it is part of the great debate after all between economies and the social sciences.

Think about it this way, for some time you wouldn’t have been able to ship online wine gift baskets to friends or family outside your local area because of how they might have been received, just like so many of us who would have wanted an electric car, couldn’t buy one because of the recharging situation in this country and the political choices being made.

The government was subsidizing gas for you car.  There were about 5 million gas stations and less than 10k places to charge an electric car etc etc.  Change is coming.  Tesla is opening a series of power stations which will fill you up in about 20 minutes.  It’s an incredible undertaking for such a small car maker, but they have the willingness to do it, so it will probably happen.