Environmental Change From Wine Country

The wine industry, perhaps above all others could be the most environmentally friendly in the world.  Especially the high end wine regions of Napa Valley and Sonoma in northern California, parts of the wine industry are completely dependent on their ability to grow fruit at optimium temperatures throughout the year.  Of course, if climate change happens in any significant way, that will no longer be possible.  A wine of the month club for all 400+ wineries in Napa Valley (yes, they all have one) would be affected on a huge scale, if environmental changes aren’t made.  People would flock to other wine regions if the quality of Napa Valley wines went down at all.  Of course, winemakers and vineyard owners are fighting to save their local environment, but as we can tell by the debate over new car gas mileage, environmental politics are certainly more national than they are local.  For a local wine region, that’s probably one of the scariest thoughts out there.