M6 Replay Oui – French Proxy Server

On this site there’s lots of little articles about internet privacy and bypassing all these stupid region blocks you find all over the web.     I do actually get quite a few emails about people wanting to access different sites, usually because they’re expats or spend lots of time travelling.    Often there some sort of local TV station, or perhaps a certain radio programme and even wanting to place bets with a online bookmaker.   All these are the sort of sites that get blocked based on your location.

So the email I got was regarding a rather good online channel called M6 Replay which is one of the premiere TV stations in France.  The email explained that the person was trying to access the site from the US where they were living for a year.  This is what happened and they were wondering if a French proxy would help?

french proxy

It’s the usual story, all major online TV channels restrict access to their domestic market – so anyone outside France would get this message or similar.

So a French Proxy allows Access to M6 Replay?

Unfortunately not, it used to work up until about three years ago you could find a French proxy online and stream M6 replay through it without problems. Now the era of the proxy as a useful circumvention tool is pretty much over – most websites are able to detect the presence of even a well configured proxy and block it automatically. The BBC was probably the last major broadcaster to allow the use of proxies but now you need a VPN for the BBC too.

A VPN is a virtual private network and is effectively a connection to a high, powered secure proxy server.  The main advantage is that a connection from a VPN server is almost undetectable (although the Chinese have figured out how to stop some) and if the VPN server is in the right country it will work perfectly.  So to watch M6 Replay from outside France you don’t need a French proxy – just one of these…

The program Identity Cloaker has lots of different servers all over the world which have lists of IP addresses by country.  Therefore if you know the country you need, you just scroll down and click on the correct country.  So for M6 Replay you’d pick France or for a Netherlands TV station you’d pick a Dutch VPN.   Which of course would allocate you a Netherlands IP address for your internet connection while the VPN is enabled.  It’s worth remembering that it actually effects everything you do online, including the version of Google you’ll end up using too.

As you can see, connecting through the French VPN gives you a French IP address and full access to the M6 Replay site. You can even subscribe to their premium membership through the VPN too and that will work as well. As you can see in the video the M6 Replay site only detects the IP address of the French VPN server and assumes that is your location. It’s very simple and works extremely well. In fact you can use the program to access all the major French TV sites which exist online, I know of many French Canadians who’ve been using this program for years. You can also of course access content in lots of different countries, for example choose a Canadian server to watch Canada only channels, a UK one for UK content and so on.

If you want to Give it a Try and watch M6 Replay from Anywhere

Try the 10 Day trial here.


The BBC iPlayer is developing all the time, it’s even introduced a new Beta area where they can try out new features.  Already you can watch every channel live, plus everything else for a few weeks on the BBC iPlayer site.   It’s my main source of entertainment from the news, to sport and dramas like the wonderful Gunpowder Plot which started this week.  I am always finding new stuff on the site, for example I’ve just discovered if you look in the categories section you can switch to all the different regional versions.


Now of course, a lot is the same but it’s really useful for watching specific versions of sport broadcasts and the local news.  I can watch BBC Wales even though my TV aerial only delivers the North West News because I live near the border.

It’s truly a wonderful application, however of course for those outside the United Kingdom there is a problem because the BBC block access and allow only access to the ‘International Version’ which has none of the radio or TV broadcasts at all.

Using a BBC Live VPN

When you first realise you’ve been redirected to the international version of the BBC site, it’s certainly disappointing. You’ll soon discover that all the best stuff is missing – certainly radio, Live TV and archived programmes. Yet there’s always an workaround on the internet and currently the solution consist of using a BBC Live VPN programme to give you access from outside the UK.

The VPN is a Virtual Private network and is a slightly more sophisticated version of a proxy server. A VPN is a server that hides your real location and encrypts your internet connection to keep your data safe. It also unlocks all these region restricted websites all over the world including the BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub and all the other UK TV stations.

Here’s the BBC live VPN I’ve used for nearly ten years now when out of the UK:

As you can see it’s very simple to use on a computer or a laptop – just use the software which sits in your task bar to select the country you need. So to watch a US online channel pick a US server and for the wonderful BBC iPlayer just select one of the many UK VPN servers to connect to. It potentially opens up all the world’s TV channels, most broadcasters have something similar to BBC iPlayer and they all restrict to domestic users.

Now if you search online you may come across some stories about BBC iPlayer detecting VPN programs and blocking them like this page.  It is in fact true, at the end of 2016 and beginning 0f 2017 there was a huge effort of BBC iPlayer blocking VPN services from all over the world.   No-one was quite sure why they became so aggressive suddenly, but it might have been as a result of impending budget cuts. Fortunately no-one has actually figured out how to reliably detect the use of VPN programs so this all had to be done manually.   What they did was basically identify these in two distinct ways, firstly all the service which were foolish enough to openly advertise the ability to bypass the BBC region locks were targeted either by blocking or threats of legal action.  The second was to manually identify the IP addresses with large numbers of concurrent connections and block these one by one.

Although time consuming this actually stopped a huge number of people using the BBC iPlayer VPN workaround.  Most of the easily identified services were the cheaper overloaded ones which many people used.    Fortunately this has not continued, and although the market has reduced slightly – the major VPN service providers are still working fine with the BBC.  They have the ability to spread connections across a large IP address range and switch out addresses that do get blocked.  So fear not, BBC iPlayer VPN 2018 is still working fine as long as you pick a decent one like Identity Cloaker.

In fact it’s just not limited to the BBC, if you have a decent VPN then you can effectively watch UK TV abroad free on most devices.  You can even access subscription channels which are normally only available in the UK try for instance you can watch Sky Go abroad anywhere.

Remember you can even use your Identity Cloaker account to connect to the servers on other devices too. It’s simple to establish a VPN connection from tablets, android and iPhones and lots of other smart devices. Here’s an illustration of how to get the BBC on an iPad abroad but it’s a fairly similar process on most other devices. You just set up the VPN connection to different country servers and then enable them whenever you want access.

Give it a try and watch the BBC iPlayer from Anywhere

Try the 10 Day trial here.

Who’s Been Snooping at Your Email?

There’s been loads in  the news recently about countries snooping on each other, it appears we’re all at it.  The UK Intelligence services at GCHQ hoovering up all the internet data that crosses the UK, Russians, Chinese and Israeli Intelligence all investing heavily in internet surveillance and the NSA in the US well spying on everyone including their own via Prism.

Many of us now feel that we have to use technology to protect ourselves,  a simple VPN can go a long way to blocking those who are spying on us.  They have other uses, for example to access region locked sites – watch this video – BBC News Streaming , for an example.

So it’s obviously quite understandable to start thinking about how much of our communications is so easily monitored. Our web traffic at least the majority of it, is I’m afraid very easily accessible by just about anyone in any position of power.  At every ISP a detailed list of the majority of your communication traffic is easily picked up.  The web’s favorite protocol – HTTP is unfortunately rather lacking in security features and as such web traffic is mostly transmitted in the clear.

So what about email? It’s still one of the most used messaging systems in the world, but how secure is email – read this report?  There are two main issues regarding the security of your average email –

1) It’s transported in clear text so everyone can read it.

2) The email is transmitted across the shared infrastructure of the internet.

It means that email is not private at all. Not only is is transmitted in a completely readable format with no encryption at all but this ’open letter’ is delivered by using a network of shared routers, servers and cabling.   Anyone at any point can tap into this data a little like GCHQ have tapped into the major fiber connections in the UK.

There are solutions that can make Outlook or Thunderbird a little more secure – one of the major improvements is to encrypt your messages.  This means that if done properly only the sender and the recipient would be able to decipher the contents.  Look for applications like Hushmail and programs like PGP to offer different solutions to this issue

James Williams

Author of RAI Streaming Estero

The US Road to Productivity – Does it Really Work

Employment finally seemed back on course during the very first couple of months of 2014. Then, without warning, job growth slowed to a creep, causing a shortage of over 2 million jobs from that predicted just annually past. Public emphasis turned to another index, productivity, to counteract that depressing performance. Individual worker output put together increased, by a total 12 percent, from 2000 to 2003.


As the Economic Policy Institute shows’ scrupulous research (09/08/04 Photo,), actual family income dropped, by 3 percent, over an identical interval. Compare this with the economical interval of 1947 – 1973 when actual family income and productivity moved in tandem, both doubling over those years.

What exactly does this imply?

Americans are working more and harder for less family income. As businesses downsize or don’t replace workers who retire or leave, fewer staff are left to deal with the workload. In fear of losing their particular jobs, they react by taking new obligations and new obligations and also the added work time. In a world where workers are tethered to their workplaces almost by blackberries, mobile phones, and notebooks, the standard equilibrium of work and residence has crumbled.

There’s a tendency to think that such pressures are merely surgical for the ambitious, career-obsessed, “Apprentice”-like, ladder climbers. Actually, the sixty-hour-plus workweek changes a considerable part of all salaried workers down to front line supervisory staff.

The American worker, surveys clearly show, is becoming over tired, overwhelmed, and fed up. Accessibility rates for outpatient mental health services grow steadily every year. A survey conducted by the BBC showed that Americans work longer hours and take fewer holidays than any European country, report is available on BBC website using this BBC iPlayer proxy. Family disruptions include domestic violence, divorce, mental child neglect, and increased estrangement. Health problems multiply, fueled by anxiety, exhaustion, as well as too little time for self-attention.

Where can we look for responses?

More critically, ourselves can speak up to ensure that the tax code as well as social legislation create similar priorities: to honor those businesses who staff satisfactorily and flexibly and supply their workers with advantages and resources. At exactly the same time, we should negatively affect businesses who pursue such actions as job outsourcing, retiering of job titles to prevent overtime prices, reliance on temporary (generally none-gained) work, as well as the quiet approval of third world production of their products under sordid circumstances, using child labor, and payment of slave wages.

Viewing the procedural and ethical issues of leading corporate figures mired in the legal system, Americans must begin to inquire whether equality and opportunity for all is a creed that is workable.

Additional reference on fast proxies – here.

Economy and social issues around the worldwww.cipec.org  is a collection of articles looking at economic, social and environmental issues. The contention of this website is that we live in an increasing interconnected world. It is by understanding these  connections that we are able to build better and better models of reality.

It is not always fruitful to look at things in isolation, even in purely scientific terms. Ever since schrodinger’s cat, it is has become apparent that context is vital. Even the fact that something is observed is enough to change the results of an experiment. When dealing with more complex things than possibly dead cats in a box it becomes more apparent that the way an experiment is set up, the way it is described, the bias of the observer are all condemning the results to subjectivity.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. The notion of immutable truth is a hang up from Platonic theory. Rather we have to look for correlations, versions of the truth, working truths, useful insights.

By looking at a range of issues from several stand points it is hoped that the reader will go away from www.cipec.org with food for thought and possibly new perspectives. Perhaps these new perspectives will nudge the reader to taking positive action about environmental issues, social problems, economic injustices.

If not then perhaps the reader would care to comment and by doing so make a valid contribution to the debates taking place on this site.

As said Anacharsis:

“Wise men argue cases, fools decide them.”

Using Daily Symbols to Escape the Grind

Life can be very difficult at times for most of us. Every day you will face new challenges that will push your sanity to the very edge. However, most of us will be able to cope relatively well with life’s curb balls. But in the good and bad times I find it necessary to use reminders of my personal set of beliefs and ideas that will get me through each day. This very idea was made famous by the movie “The Secret”. In the movie you are told to make a dream board that provides a symbol of what you want in life. These symbols of cars, houses, or even a happy family are supposed to motivate you through the hard time. While I don’t love the secret I do believe that everyone of us should use daily symbols to help motivate us.

The daily symbol I prefer to use is my CTR ring. This ring stands for choose the right. It tells me that with every life decision that I should choose the right versus wrong. And when I say choose the right it mainly means choose the decision whether hard or easy that a good moral person would choose. This every day symbol helps remind me of the path that I want to be on.

Now you can decide on any symbol or idea that you want to follow. Whether your goal is a brand new sports car or something else entirely it is up to you. The idea is that you focus on it every day and keep it in mind as you make the choices that may either direct you down the path or not. When you begin to follow this mind set you will be able to achieve great things.

Gun crime in the USA…

Once again with recent events the problem of gun crime in the United States has been highlighted to people around the world. The shootings in Connecticut have once again highlighted the issue of what should be done to prevent such tragedies in the country.

change ip address program

While many point towards a blanket ban on firearms, it appears that the President pushing his vice-president Joe Biden to look in to the issue means that he will definitely be doing something to change the way the country looks at weapons in the coming weeks.

The way in which guns are enshrined in the constitution of the country makes it very unlikely that a ban will be enforced, however rules on mental health checks and the strength of the firearms seem likely.

Recently The Best Question asked if President Obama could make any dent in US gun crime. With many people around the world believing that this is unlikely, it would seem that the atrocities of the recent shootings in Connecticut are here to stay. While the President may be able to reduce the caliber of weapons available to citizens of the USA, whether this will cause a significant change in the amount of shootings seen on American soil remains to be seen. However, as a population, we should hope that it does.

Financial Responsibility Fosters Environmental Accountability

Holding members society responsible for their personal financial health is a great step forward toward holding them responsible for their environment’s health as well.  Advancing tools such as the amortization calculator should be at the forefront of environmental care outreach programs to members of society to help them get control of their finances.

BBC iplayer USA

Almost everyone has a loan on their house simply because it is so difficult to buy a home with cash. However, as we all know, paying off the mortgage can be really difficult. Most homeowners choose repayment plans that may extend to about 30 years just so that they can afford to make the monthly payments.

So what is amortization?
Think about it; when you take a loan, you aren’t just taking an amount from the banks. The bank is lending you the principle and then charging you an interest rate for the principle amount. That means you are being charged X amount for the house and the bank is charging Y amount as interest for the 30 years that you are taking to pay back the loan. Eventually, after 30 years, you are supposed to be paying off X+Y. However, different banks have different payment schedules. For example, the bank will initially cut only the interest payments or Y payments for the first ten years. They might then shift over to payments that will cut both X+Y payments. Ideally, at the time of taking the loan, you should find out exactly how the bank plans to reduce your loan. The bank should reduce your interest as well as the principal amount rather than just decreasing the interest rate. A portion of your monthly payment must go towards lowering your principal amount X and the rest should go towards lowering your interest amount Y. The percentage of division will depend on the bank. This will be to your benefit in the long run.

How do I find out my amortization schedule?
Ideally, the bank will provide you with the amortization schedule when you take a loan. Bank officials will and should explain the payment process to you and how they will cut payments over the next 30 years. However, we also suggest that you negotiate on the schedule and find out what other types of payment procedures are possible. If you have already taken a loan and want to find the amortization schedule, you can use online mortgage amortization calculator websites.

These websites have free online tools that you can use to find out how much you have paid off and how much you do have to pay, they are available in many countries but if you have trouble accessing them then you can try a high speed vpn to gain access. Each calculator will require details of your loans like the principal amount of the loan you have taken, the annual interest rate on the loan, the length of the loan process and the monthly interest rate on the loan. Some tables may also ask for the monthly payment that you are making on the loan and payment process that you have selected. These calculators have the amortization formula inbuilt into them and you will automatically get your amortization schedule provided you have put in the details correctly.

Please note that you should use reliable websites to find an accurate mortgage amortization calculator. Money and finance sites are ideal as they update their content regularly. However, we do suggest that you use online mortgage amortization calculator websites only as a guide.


Investing in children’s day care

Although many think that making an investment in the childcare industry is not an important element in their investment portfolio, experts have proven them wrong by establishing that it is just as important and active as any other investment that they make. People usually get the attractive outcome that they are looking for in the form of profitability and income when they acquire real estate as assets and this is not different in any way from the investment that they make in children’s day care. With a personal loan, one can take out a mini loan to invest in their offspring’s day care as the investment from a mini loan into daycare can pay off its dollar investment. For more information on the benefits of a personal loan, go here: http://minileningenbelgie.be/voordelen-van-een-persoonlijke-lening/
Many people have tough decisions to make when they invest in children’s day care because it is similar to the investment that they make in property, shares and even cash since they need to maximize their returns and minimize their risk by engaging the services of professional management firms. In addition, they need to participate actively in managing this investment.
Childcare center management companies such as Guardian provide simple advice to investors on effective business and asset management as well as assistance on how to manage and regulate their childcare institutions and hence it is advisable for them to consult before they consider the option of investing in children’s day care. These companies have useful information about current and future investment opportunities in childcare investment and in effect, they are able to provide support that is unique to each investor by tailoring their support to meet individual needs.