Using Daily Symbols to Escape the Grind

Life can be very difficult at times for most of us. Every day you will face new challenges that will push your sanity to the very edge. However, most of us will be able to cope relatively well with life’s curb balls. But in the good and bad times I find it necessary to use reminders of my personal set of beliefs and ideas that will get me through each day. This very idea was made famous by the movie “The Secret”. In the movie you are told to make a dream board that provides a symbol of what you want in life. These symbols of cars, houses, or even a happy family are supposed to motivate you through the hard time. While I don’t love the secret I do believe that everyone of us should use daily symbols to help motivate us.

The daily symbol I prefer to use is my CTR ring. This ring stands for choose the right. It tells me that with every life decision that I should choose the right versus wrong. And when I say choose the right it mainly means choose the decision whether hard or easy that a good moral person would choose. This every day symbol helps remind me of the path that I want to be on.

Now you can decide on any symbol or idea that you want to follow. Whether your goal is a brand new sports car or something else entirely it is up to you. The idea is that you focus on it every day and keep it in mind as you make the choices that may either direct you down the path or not. When you begin to follow this mind set you will be able to achieve great things.