Basics Of Economics

Economics is all about use, exchange and ownership of resources that are scarce.  When these scarce resources are exchanged this is known as economic behaviour.

There are 3 main factors to take into account when studying economics;

  1. Why are the scarce resources being exchanged in the first place and what are they?
  2. In order for different parties to feel happy in an exchange, how do they communicate and deal with each other?
  3. What the role of the government is in facilitating these exchanges.


If a private company or government hire a professional economist, they are often looking for some kind of economic intelligence in order to make sound business decisions.  With all decisions there is associated risk but the role of the economist is to gather and analyse the market intelligence so that some sort of accurate information relating to costs and benefits can be provided.  

Checking the truth of facts from presidential debate

Politics is said to be a dirty game and it’s never easy for us to stop our politicians from lying. Since most politicians say what they want you to hear, it might be a problem noticing when they are lying and when they are telling facts. With technological advancements, you are now able to notice when your politician is lying and when he is talking the truth. With the numerous political advertisements that come on screen every now and then, you may not know when an advert is talking the truth and when its not. Sometimes there are organizations responsible for the adverts in a bid to get favors from the politicians once they are in power.

With the couple of FREE iPhone apps available on the market today such as Super PAC app and Ad Hawk which are completely free,  you can now find out the people behind these political advertisements and also note whether they are genuine or out there to mislead. Furthermore, these apps are easy to use and there isn’t much effort needed on your side. All you need to do is place your iPhone as close as possible to your television when the ad appears and the app does the rest.

In the case of the Presidential debate, you might want to know whether a candidate is talking the truth or lying using an iPhone app such as Politifact Mobile and WP politics. These apps work very conveniently to show you the truth behind what a politician is talking about.  Sometimes politicians tend to say things that aren’t factual and get away with it as no one is really checking at the moment. Nevertheless, the Politifact Mobile app will help you identify politicians who are trying to change what they had mentioned earlier in their own speeches. The app shows you whether the politician is talking the truth, half truth or false.


Our Society Needs Financial Discipline

It’s important that we stress the importance of financial responsibility in our society.  One way to promote this idea is to encourage the use of tools such as the PaymentBot Payment Calculator tool.

England proxy

The founder of human resources, Dale Carnegie, once wrote that everyone does things out of a position of “What’s in it for me?”  While this viewpoint may seem cynical, it is one of those concepts, that no matter how manipulative it might seem, is true whether the people want it to be or not. If someone wants to know why they should use a paymentbot application, they will ask themselves what they expect to get out of the particular application.

When someone decides to write this application for other users, he needs to put themselves in their place for a moment. This is often one of the most difficult things for an application developer to do. After all, the features an application developer loves do not always match up with the features users want.  Users expect unreasonable things like graphical user interfaces and ease of use.  Programmers often follow what they refer to as the law of least astonishment. This simple law means that a program should behave in a way that astonishes the user the least.  Unfortunately, a PaymentBot also falls into this category.

Fortunately, people do not expect much out of a paymentbot. They expect to plug in a few simple numbers, such as the interest, the principal, the interest rate, and the length of the loan. They expect the program to include bank fees and legal fees. Most importantly, they expect the final number to occur when they press the button. While it is true hat a user can do all of this in Excel or his favorite spreadsheet program, most people will not go through that trouble. They will simply use a predetermined app that does not require them to enter complex or even simple mathematical formulas. The user expects convenience from these programs, and he usually gets it.

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