Societal Stresses

Let’s face it, life is becoming extremely fast-paced, we often find ourselves doing more than one thing at a time, and we can’t relax as we feel as though we are not being productive if we do. There is always something to worry about like the economy, politics, and equality for all. Every day there seems to be a new argument.

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In the western world, we are more stressed than our less privileged counterparts and is it any wonder, worries such as “Do I have enough friends on Facebook?” and “What if I buy this product and then is goes out of fashion?” are always on our minds. We are all too eager to better ourselves for the benefit of those around us than for ourselves.

We are also worried about offending people, those around us; people we have never met but could stumble upon our social networking profiles and take offence to things we may have posted. It doesn’t matter if we had the intention of causing harm or not as most of us simply post as a joke.

Despite this, there are good things to come out this, such as equal rights, fair representation for those with different abilities, and the involvement of all across our community. But let’s all learn how to relax!

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Revolution for Food

Most observers have been rather disappointed at the changes that have happened due to the Arab spring.  In Egypt it is now two years since the president was deposed, and still the riots and clashes continue.  Glance over to Tunisia and Libya and you see pretty much the same thing, the dictators have gone yet the trouble goes on.

So why haven’t things changed, why don’t we see peace and prosperity throughout these Arab lands.  The reality is that although  the likes of Gadaffi were unpopular and responsible for many ills – the revolution was about more than just a dictator.  These revolutions were also economic and environmental – they were about food and jobs.


The dictators have gone but food is still expensive, the jobs are scarce and the people still live hard and tough lives.  The main trigger in Tunisia was the cost of food – hungry people have very little too lose from challenging the status quo.  Climate change seems to be the cause of a lot of these problems – droughts and extreme weather across the world push up the costs of all food stuff.  The world is producing less and less food – down 3% in  the last three years.

Heatwaves in Russia, droughts in Africa and floods all across India and Pakistan to just mention a few.  Similar extreme weather in the corn belts of the US and other events effecting the food baskets of the world.

Our total reliance on fossil fuels for the majority of our energy needs only makes the problem worse.  The uprisings effect the price of oil, the price rises and further impacts the costs of food – which caused the riots in the first place.  The replacement leaders are instantly faced with a bigger problem than the previous dictator ever hard.

The bad guys might have gone, some of the restrictions will have disappeared.  You can surf the internet more freely in Libya nowadays – you don’t need to start hopping across the net to buy VPN and proxies to keep yourself hidden anymore.  But the people are still hungry, they still need jobs, money and food for their families.  Until these problems are solved freedom won’t look that appealing.

The internet provides the spark, it’s easy now to see lifestyles and how others live.  Sometimes economics get’s in the way, but a family watching  European TV online – like this, will realize that it’s perfectly possible for a rich country like Libya to provide the same life and services if the leaders allow.

Seeing The World

It is all good and well having intentions to learn more about the affect that we have on the environment around us but getting out and travelling about to see the global impact is probably more important to gaining a well rounded knowledge of the situation. Being able to speak to experts from different areas and seeing the impact there can make the difference and allow you to pass on this knowledge to others from having first hand experience.

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It is a very serious topic but the way I see it is that we are only here for a short time so by getting around and seeing these things it does not have to mean that we must be serious and frowning all the time so integrating an opportunity to do these kind of studies while also maximising the opportunity to get out and see the world will do you a lot of good. Constantly looking at the negative you can lose sight of what is important so having fun should also be a part of things and there should be no sense of guilt involved.

Using sites like this to find out what there is on offer in various countries that you might visit will allow you to create a schedule that makes the most of your time and will ensure that you do not become too immersed in your work that you start to make mistakes as is often the case when someone becomes too driven behind one particular case.

Hopefully this different approach to tackling global issues will see more people open to investigating the subject and it won’t be seen as such a sacrifice if you can actually get some benefit from it too.

James Carroll

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How Modern Western Medicine Has Affected the Society and Environment


Although the use of herbal medicine is still alive in many parts of the world, it has been dealt a heavy blow by the increasing technological advancement. Most people consider this practice as primitive and unsafe. Therefore they prefer to use the modern western drugs. However, this does not imply that modern medicine is always effective. Actually, scientific studies have revealed that these drugs have more severe side effects than the customary medicines. What is more, most of the existing herbal remedies have been scientifically proven to be highly effective in treating numerous medical conditions. Cordyceps are among the most common herbal remedies in the world today. They are extracted from a special type of mushroom that normally grows in various parts of Asia.

If you are one of those people who believe that the use of herbal medicine is being primitive, then you need to understand the effects of modern western medicine on the society and environment and the amount of research done on natural remedies effect on human health (eg. Cordyceps sinensis health benefits). For starters, medical technology has countless benefits, most of which cannot be offered by the customary remedies. For instance, this technology facilitates the use of science to enhance health management. However, the negative effects of this therapeutic technology are not fully exposed to the people until when it is too late.

The use of modern medicine is normally considered to be the best treatment method. Nevertheless, this technology can be extremely damaging. Using medicine erroneously, consuming it in excess, and using it indecently, can be quite injurious to your health. Modern health technology has also been found to have serious effects on the environment. These drugs are manufactured using technologies that can cause serious damage to the environment. For instance, a lot of harmful chemicals are released when these drugs are being processed.

Also, whilst these technologies how brought new possibilities in modern health management, most of these advances remain questionable regarding their necessity, their effects, and their practical application. What is more, herbal medicines have been overlooked, shelved or continuously ridiculed by pharmaceutical companies. But the truth is that herbal remedies are safe and more effective than modern western drugs. In fact, a lot of people today have begun to return back to these customary methods of treatment. It should therefore not surprise you when you find medicine stores in the West selling more herbal medicine than the modern drugs. Another important thing about herbal medicines is that they offer a long-lasting effect.

The Environmentally Friendly Crowd Is Full Of It (IMHO)

The environment is on everyone’s mind now days and while I guess it never hurts to be respectful of it, some parts of the whole crusade are kind of silly. Do the little things activists want us to do every day in our lives really make a difference? Or do they most likely have some other agenda?


Take carpet cleaning machines  as an example. Now we have all sorts of machines and detergents that are supposedly “environmentally friendly”. Do you really think that any small tweak to a detergent or to a carpet cleaner will make any difference at all to the safety and well being of people? I don’t.

My belief is that all this political correct environmental stuff is really a lot of BS. All it does is make the Al Gore crowd money or give them power. Either way it is a bad thing in my book and I don’t think in the end any of it will really matter.

This earth is billions of years old and to think that we can single handedly destroy it because we don’t recycle or we use the wrong detergent is crazy. That is just my opinion and I know it isn’t a popular one right now but this blog needs more opposing views.

Jez Smith

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Death and Taxes: One Goes Up

Americans will be paying significantly higher taxes in 2013.  All workers should reference a paycheck calculator to see the deifference this year.

A simple paycheck calculator would be the easiest way to deal with any questions that you may have when it comes to the money that you are earning on a regular basis. If you have no idea how much of your check would be put toward tax, you are likely going to be very surprised when you finally get paid. Many people feel that it would be best to simply stop working because they do not want to deal with the burden that these taxes will place upon them. However, it is possible to deal with this problem by being aware of just how much money would be included in your check once the period is finally over. When you know exactly how much you can expect to get paid, you would not have to worry about being let down by the inflated amount that you would have otherwise expected. Accounting for taxes is something that people tend to forget to do, it can be difficult to figure out in a way that is accurate and reliable.

However, a paycheck calculator would allow you to determine what portion of the money you are bringing in would be payed to you once a check is issued. When you know the amount that you are going to get paid, you would not have to worry about your finances as much. Also, you would find that it is simply a lot easier for you to determine the amount of money that would be flowing into your account on a regular basis. When you are concerned about your income, this tool could be a great help in a variety of different situations.

Managing Personal Health Spurs Societal Progress

Modern society has the historically unique advantage of being given access to information to monitor one’s own personal health.  One instance of this ability is the widespread information about hypertension.

When you are getting your blood pressure taken, your pressure will either be normal, low, or high. To find out what is normal or not, you can look on a blood pressure chart. The chart can help you figure out what your pressure is when it is taken.

Your blood pressure will usually be recorded as two numbers at a doctor’s office. The top number measures the pressure of your arteries when your heart beats. The bottom number measures the pressure in your arteries between heartbeats.

Those whose readings are higher than normal may have hypertension or high blood pressure. The diagnosis will not be confirmed though until you have had several reading. If the doctor does find that you have hypertension, he will most likely want you to start treatment. The treatment may be medication and or a lifestyle change. If the top number on the pressure reading is higher than 180 or the bottom number on pressure reading is higher than 110, you should get medical help immediately.

Also for those whose reading are lower than normal, you may have hypotension. Those who have a low blood pressure but are not experiencing any symptoms usually don’t have to worry about it. Those who are experiencing symptoms such as dizziness, fainting, dehydration, nausea, rapid and shallow breathing, blurred vision, and depression should seek help. Low pressure can happen with pregnancy, prolonged bed rest, heart problems, certain medications, shock, and nutritional deficiencies. Severely low blood pressure can have an underlying cause such as a heart or endocrine disorder.

So the next time you get your blood pressure taken, find out what your numbers mean and if you can do anything about them.

Lower your Family’s Impact on the Environment Through Financial Security

It’s essential that families do all they can to ensure they are financially prepared to be environmentally responsible.  Using simple financial tools such as this interest calculator can help families do just that.

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Having an interest calculator available for you would make it a lot easier when you are interested in investing your money for the purpose of building financial security for the future. Most people do not know how to go about putting their money into the right place. In fact, this is one of the most common reasons that people are not able to retire at the age that they would like to. If you would like to prevent yourself from having to struggle when it comes to your finances in the future, protecting your investments would be the best way to achieve this. Once you are able to determine where your money would be best placed, you can count on the fact that you are doing what is right for your family.

Additionally, an interest calculator would be an easy way to check on the fact that you have as much money flowing in as you may expect. If you do not take the time to check on your money, you run the risk of having less money to spend in the future. There is a lot of importance is finding the right tools to help you get where you would like to be. When it comes to the interest attached to any of your investments, using a calculator would help you accomplish a lot. While it may help to prevent over payment in some cases, it can also ensure that you have the money coming in that you would expect from your best investments.

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