Mars – The NASA Rover’s Trek Across the Planet

Well it’s now started to move, Nasa’s curiousity rover has moved from it’s original landing site almost 400 metres across the planet.  It is moving to a spot identified by the scientists who want to use the robots drill to collect rock samples.  The feature is called Gleneig and it’s a spot on the surface where three different terrains cross each other.

Curiosity has actually been designed to move much further than this, in fact it is built to operate 20 kms from it’s landing spot.  This gives it the potential to analyse and explore a much wider range of conditions that previous probes which were static.  The travelling though is painfully slow and Gleineg will actually take several weeks to reach.

All the time Curiousity is travelling it is sending back high quality images using it’s Mastcam.  These images are also used to help calculate the best route for the rover to follow.  At the moment it is on the base of Mount Sharo and scientists are hoping to find evidence of the abundance of water one thought to  have existed on the planet.

There are some great images coming over now and included in a documentary currently screening on the BBC and the Horizon programme.  If you’re interested in Science at all it’s definitely worth checking out. If you are based outside the United Kingdom and want to check out this – you can find some information here – on Youtube.  It demonstrates how you can configure your computer to use a proxy server to access some of the great British documentaries available online – all with no advert breaks !!

Ok forget advert breaks someone sent me an email about watching more British TV online and I found this –


Environmental Change From Wine Country

The wine industry, perhaps above all others could be the most environmentally friendly in the world.  Especially the high end wine regions of Napa Valley and Sonoma in northern California, parts of the wine industry are completely dependent on their ability to grow fruit at optimium temperatures throughout the year.  Of course, if climate change happens in any significant way, that will no longer be possible.  A wine of the month club for all 400+ wineries in Napa Valley (yes, they all have one) would be affected on a huge scale, if environmental changes aren’t made.  People would flock to other wine regions if the quality of Napa Valley wines went down at all.  Of course, winemakers and vineyard owners are fighting to save their local environment, but as we can tell by the debate over new car gas mileage, environmental politics are certainly more national than they are local.  For a local wine region, that’s probably one of the scariest thoughts out there.

Investing in children’s day care

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Don’t Understand The Stock Market? These Tips Can Help!

Many people try and fail when it comes to investing their money wisely. Whether it be in the volatile stock market or safer options from your local bank, knowing where it’s best to put your money for great returns is the key to making a profit. Included here, are some simple tips to get you started with BI Software. Do not let the stock market scare you. Even if the swings of the markets and the turbulence reported on the news gives you pause, consider dividend stocks as a conservative safe haven. Their consistent yields are often better than bonds, and companies with a long history of paying out dividends are just as safe an investment as bonds. Be very careful before diving into penny socks. These are often companies with bad balance sheets or spotty histories. Sometimes it is very difficult to find earnings statements for these companies. Trading on the over-the-counter markets is a gamble and should be approached that way. Do not invest any more than you can safely lose. Better yet, skip those markets altogether.


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Wine in the Great Debate

Wine, in many ways belongs to be part of the great debate don’t you think?  Unlike so many other resources we talk about, it already is finite.  It uses a ton of water, either through watering or through the water table and it uses a ton of great arable land.  After all, even the owner of the best wine clubs around can tell you, wine isn’t made in sufficient enough quantities to satisfy everyone’s thirst for it-at least not at quality levels that we want.

For the wine industry, we have a great debate of our own.  Should prices for good wine continue to climb? The problem here is that, how do you gain new drinkers if no one under the age of 50 can afford good wine?  Should we behave in a less sustainable model than we do currently?

Long term, what are the implications for the industry if human kind needs the land to be able to grow food to feed ourselves?  Can the wine industry survive?