Financial Stability Leads to Environmental Responsibility

Environmental awareness continues to strike a broader chord among the average citizen.  However, there’s a significant gap between environmental awareness and environmental responsibility.  Responsibility requires action that can often be perceived as inconvenient, difficult, improbable or impossible.  Among the foremost of theses barriers to action is the financial one.  These days, people are saddled with record amounts of credit card debt.  In order for environmental awareness to take the additional step to responsibility, people must be able to control their credit card debt.  An excellent tool to help people deal with this particular financial burden is a good credit card calculator.

A credit card calculator comes in handy to ensure that you are safe financially when using credit cards. Credit cards are making life easier for many people. They are creating easy ways for shopping and making payments at a fast rate. The freedom that credit cards give you is that of shopping for anything that you want without even taking the cost of the product into consideration. This is because you get to buy a product without worrying about the amount of money you have in your pocket at that moment. However, this might tempt you to shop for things that are not important, which will ultimately lead you into debts. It is therefore important for you to consider your expenses and calculate them well when using credit cards for purchases, which is where this calculator comes in.

A tool such as the credit card calculator is one that will see you maximize the credit card rewards as well as minimize the interest expenses on your credit cards. There is a wide range of these calculators that are available in the market. These have different designs and provide you with the best way of estimating the expenses that you need to make sure that you use your card in the right way as well as have extra finances that you can set aside as savings.  They are available from a variety of sources, including several major international banks – although it should be noted that they are not all accessible depending on your location.  You can access these simply use a proxy in the appropriate country for example for a Berlin based bank simply use a German proxy server to hide your location

fast usa proxy

You need to know that not all of these calculators will help you greatly in getting right figures on fees, interest and expenses.  This is why you need to learn about them to help you know how best to use them for your savings.

The different types of calculators that help you manage your credit card expenses are such as:
• Balance transfer calculators
This is one of the best calculators. It shows you the amount of money you can save by simply transferring your debts at an interest rate of 0% to a credit card. Use this calculator to help you know the savings you can make by transferring debts using a new card.

• Minimum payment calculators
This calculator is in use by few people. It helps you to know the expenses that you will incur when repaying a current debt from your credit card. This is why many credit card holders do not use it.

• Debt calculator
This is not a favorite to many, however, it is quite important for you to use it as it allows you to control expenses and plan financial savings. It gives you a chance of knowing the amount of money that you need to pay after certain duration of time.

• Reward calculators
This calculator has a smart design and is mostly of help to those who have small debts and want to know how much they can earn while carrying out certain transactions.

The credit card calculator is therefore the best tool that will guide you on how well to manage and plan your expenses as well as make savings.

The Environmental Outlook is Grim

Sometimes we can get rather distracted by the economic woes of our nations.  I wonder does anyone else seem to notice that in recent months that the environmental issues seem to increasingly take a back seat to our other problems particularly in the media.  Of course it’s quite understandable – tales of Greek pensioners and Spanish Unemployment are obviously having a very real impact on many people.  The European crisis is affecting many millions of people both directly and indirectly.  I seem to spend my evenings watching tales of woe from the BBC news on my computer – this is how I get access.  But however bad these might seem I suspect the long term implications of our global environmental crisis could be much, much worse.

Of course I may just be annoyed that my ‘green blog’ has suffered a fall in visitors but speaking to some environmental lobbyists last week I fear I’m not alone.  There seems to be a huge amount of inaction in dealing with environmental issues, it’s as thought they’ve been put on the back burner whilst we sort this economic problems out.  But of course our industrial expansion at all costs is what has caused these problems in the first place.  Phrases like ‘stimulating demand’ and ‘boosting consumption’ may help economically but they’re almost certain to have a negative effect on the planet.

Our demand for scarce resources continues to grow – whilst the supply of water, forests and fish in the sea decline at the same time.  The Global Environmental Outlook published by the United Nations recently reported that out of 90 common ecological goals for the world – significant progress has been reported in four of them.  That’s pretty pathetic whatever the distractions – consider just a couple of them – global air pollution is estimated to kill 6 million a year or that carbon emissions is expected to cause a temrature change of 3 degrees by the beginning of the next century.   These issues are going to make the Eurozone or banking crisis look pretty insignificant soon.

As for my website well hopefully one day it will return from the depths of the search engine rankings.  In the meantime, if you’ve a message to get out then the day of the traditional blog is probably over, social media seems to be the key.  You can get your message out in many different forms with out the backing of a huge media budget and you don’t need to be on TV at all – check this.